Kiel University CAU

The Formation

The Department of Information and Coding Theory at the CAU Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1998 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Adam Höher. The research focus includes scientific problems in areas of wireless transmission technology and coding theory. Applications include radio communication, acoustic, optical and inductive underwater communication, free-space light communication, and molecular communication.

The Evolution

The ICT department can proudly look back on a large number of successfully completed projects. The experience gained in these can be fully incorporated into the MAUS project. Among others, a method for model-based acoustic underwater localization, as well as a method for inductive energy and data transmission for AUVs were developed in cooperation with Kiel University of Applied Sciences. In the field of swarm localization, the department has contributed to fundamental work in cooperation with DLR Oberpfaffenhofen. Within the framework of a CAU-internal PerLe project, experience was gained at the department on the development and realization of compact AUVs. The project results were awarded in 2013.


The main tasks of the ICT team within the MAUS project include:

  • Development of a micromodem enabling underwater communication
  • Proposing algorithms for positioning (swarm localization)
  • Development of a localization technique for swarm nodes (swarm navigation)
  • Integration and tests

Contact details and further information regarding ongoing projects can be found at the Workgroup page .